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United Churches Elizabethtown Area Programs (including Community Place on Washington and The Clothing Barn) Volunteer Opportunities are HERE! Sign up for more information below.

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I will not hold United Churches Elizabethtown Area (UCEA) or its employees, interns, officers, representatives, the board of directors, any other programs associated with UCEA,or any fellow volunteers liable for accidents, injuries or death to myself, my child, or any other person for whom I am lawful guardian, that may result from any volunteer activities sponsored by, arranged, or participated in by UCEA and its programs. Neither will I nor any person for whom I am lawful guardian, hold liable the persons who operate UCEA and its programs equipment during volunteer activities for accidents, injury, or death that may result from UCEA activities.

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The undersigned hereby consents to be photographed or videotaped and agrees to allow United Churches Elizabethtown Area (UCEA) and its programs to use any photo or video to be used for future promotional purposes.

I understand that I will receive no remuneration in the event that any photographs, image, actions or voice are used in UCEA brochures, advertisements, or visual presentations.

I understand the context in which my photo or video may appear in this promotion/publication and also consent for all purposes of the reproduction or use of this photo or video by UCEA in all manners, rights that I may have with, or in, the distribution or use of this photo reproduction.